What They Say!

I was relatively new to Pilates when I started Sue's class so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I find the classes very enjoyable and Sue is encouraging and makes the class interesting, with variety, working with weights, balls or poles for a series of lessons.  She keeps the classes small so she can give help and support where needed and encouragement for further progress

Judith Fanner

My aim on joining the class was to become more supple. Sue works through a variety of moves to develop the classes each term and build on core strength.  With humour and a firm gentleness, she guides us through each class, encouraging people at their various levels of competence, to grow and develop.  I missed attending the regular sessions over the summer leave and look forward to a new term of lessons. Thanks


I would recommend having a 1:1 Pilates session with Sue, as this has really heped improve my enjoyment and benefit of her Pilates classes, which are smooth flowing using our breath, its fun and hard work!!

Cleo Cox

Hi Sue,

I've found you to be a very good teacher who certainly knows her subject thoroughly and is also concerned about her pupils and their health.  You are aware of each individual pupil and their physical difficulties or concerns, so you tailor the exercises to suit them.  Your way of coming round to adjust people's positions is excellent.  Also, in giving instructions, you speak very clearly and concisely in explaining everything.  As far as I can tell, you get a positive reaction from everyone in the class. I know there are people there who have been coming to your classes for a long time.

Although I confess I do find the Pilates in general quite strong, for me personally, I couldn't have had a better introduction to it.

You also seem to be a very nice person!

John Lowles

Dear Sue

The fact that we all can laugh together, about our some times limited ability to perform some of the moves, makes all the difference, I do not feel pressured to be perfect, but Pilates has made a big difference to my core strength and over all suppleness.


A grateful farmer’s wife from Coverdale!!!

I feel real benefit from attending your classes Sue; gentle exercises that really work (my stomach ached for two days after last Wednesdays class!).  I'm confident too that under your watchful eyes we're doing them properly and not hurting ourselves. 



So why do I do Pilates?  It helps with suppleness and mobility.  As I get older and joints start to object to certain moves, it's important to have a means to keep everything in good working order!   Basic techniques such as breathing (yes, it is important!), posture (stand straight, don't slouch) and relax are all fundamental to everyday life as well as progressing through the Pilates moves. In every day life when I'm getting stressed I remind myself to breathe, drop the shoulders and stand up - it works!


The classes are informal and fun. Everyone is friendly and we laugh - another good relaxation technique!

I love the smaller classes where Sue is able to give one-to-one attention to ensure we are moving correctly.  I'd shy away from anything on a large scale where you're never sure if you're doing it right.


The class content changes over the weeks and is challenging - but in a good way.  A great feeling of achievement when a new move comes together and actually seems quite easy after all. There's also a bit of 'brain exercise' in there as the brain attempts to get the body to move in the right direction.


Pilates complements the other activities I do but if in time I were to find I had to do less, then Pilates with Sue would be the one I would stay with.   Sue is a great teacher and lovely to work with. So glad I discovered Pilates

Jenny P

I have been coming to Pilates classes at The Witham for almost a year now. A new experience for myself but one which I am finding beneficial and enjoyable

Reasons for this;

An enjoyable workout of the entire body

Improvement in my core strength and balance

A Good, attentive teacher


I have found Pilates harder work than I originally thought but the benefits outweigh this.

Caroline M

An excellent (awesome!) class, with constant change, development and challenge.  And all made fun too!


Nicky Cocovini.