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Motivation for November

I don't know about you, but as we approached the first lockdown I had great intentions - everything was going to ok!  I was suddenly going to have so much time, Pilates classes would be online, I'd to be super organised, up early, exercise, plan delicious meals, read books!!  declutter,  life would be 'chilled', my home would be clean and tidy and work would finish at 4.00pm.   Then the reality of the situation kicked in.  The sun may have been shining with gorgeous temperatures day after day, but the first few weeks for me were early mornings and very late nights, planning, researching, learning how to suddenly move my business completely on line - filming, editing, uploads, downloads, the list went on!!   I'm not known for my technical skills and there were moments when I had a little meltdown and my laptop almost flew out of the window, but in the end I got there and though I may not have always taken the easiest route, overall it's fair to say I learnt alot!    Once over the technical hurdle, I will admit, my list of good intentions did not all come to fruition - I certainly ate too much, possibly drank a little too often and definitely enjoyed the baking competitions my girls were having!  Lockdown 1 really was an interesting challenge! So, for lockdown 2 I've created a new challenge for myself and also for all my lovely Pilates friends. 

Join me for a month of motivation, health and wellbeing. 

On my facebook page I have created a Members Only Group where I will be posting lots of mini pilates classes, as well as tips on wellbeing, health and nutrition - and it's free to join, just click the link on my facebook page!  Some of the posts will be live and others pre-recorded, but all will remain on the page for you to view and use at anytime.  I'm also hoping to include some advice/chats with other health and wellness experts too.  I really hope you will join me - lets make the most of November and do our very best to stay happy, healthy and positive!

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