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Planning Our Return To Class

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me over the last few weeks with your hopes, thoughts and concerns about our return to 'the new normal'.  I have taken all of your comments into consideration, including very important points such as the ventilation, floor coverings and floor space in the rooms we use at The Station and The Witham.   The Government has given the green light for indoor activities to commence as long as we follow and adhere to the guidelines.   One of the main requirements for Pilates classes is that we all have a personal space of 10' x 10' which means we can now safely start Pilates at The Witham. Unfortunately as yet, we do not have a large enough room at The Station, so I have created a new timetable with several options available in the hope we can all continue with Pilates in some shape or form.  Hopefully there's something for everyone! Classes at The Witham - As discussed with The Witham management, I will be providing a different set of sanitised mats for each class. Mats will be positioned in marked areas before your arrival.  Class numbers have been reduced.  The room will be cleaned before and after each class. Hand sanitiser is provided throughout The Witham, it will also be available as you enter the class. Other than a bottle of water and a pair of socks, please bring as few personal items as possible. (I have a selection of Toe-Sox in stock, drop me a message if you would like a pair) If you have any particular concerns or queries about returning to class, the COVID measures I have put in to place or my risk assessment, please do contact me and I will be happy to discuss with you.  Further information will be included in your confirmation and reminder emails.   I look forward to seeing you!   Sue 

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