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Teaser with a towel - join the fun of live classes!

Again, I'd like to say a HUGE thank you!  I really appreciate all the lovely comments I've received regarding the video and live classes. I'm so pleased you are all enjoying Pilates at home and its brilliant to hear so many of you are making Pilates part of your daily routine!  During the live classes this week I did less demonstrating and put more focus on teaching and watching .  We had a challenging but great session using a hand towel - a brilliant piece of equipment we all have at home and great to use when teaching the Teaser. Well done to all of you who joined me!  I promised everyone I would film a similar session and send it out as a video soon! Please keep sending the photos, I love to see so many taking part in Pilates, dogs, cats, children and partners!! Live classes have been scheduled for next week and the video timetable will remain unchanged

Still not sure about the online thing?

Don't worry - to make sure we are all connected and can see and hear everything, I open up Zoom 5 minutes before the start of class. Its been great to have a little interaction and see so many friendly faces!


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